Landing the Big One!

It’ s definitely mu

sky time. Last week we had a group of 3 fishermen who spent every possible minute of the day f ishing

for muskies.  They did well as they do every year.  This past week we had a father/son duo here – mainly for musky fishing.  They’ve boated 5 so far with the biggest being a 50″ musky today.  There is more action in store for them since they always stay for 2 weeks.

Walleye have been caught in 20 ft of water this past week but also in as little as 5-10 ft.  Smallmouth fishing is tailing off at this time of year.

Fall is in the air so fishing patterns are changing.  Canadian geese seem to know cooler temps are coming so they are heading south.  We’ve seen 4 flocks flying south honking to all the slackers in the back to keep up.  Our hummingbirds seem to have gone already as well which is the earliest they have headed south.  The weather forecast did call for 32 degrees toward the end of the week so that sounds like the end of our hot weather.  It’s been quite hot the past few day - hard to believe that it’s almost the middle of Sept.

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